Hobby-hacking Eric



It's that time of year again, the one where all submission deadlines converge. I've been putting in many hours at work lately trying to get something semi-publishable on time. Strangely, I've gotten into this nice habit of going to bed before 2h and getting to work around 10h. I'm loving it! More please! I've got this fantasy of me getting up at 7h, having a good breakfast, reading some articles for work, and then making my way calm and happy because I had made the effort to nourish my scientific brain. I dunno how long this will last, or why I seem to think that getting up earlier is better.

Anyway, been working on the PatchApply stuff for bug 154. Got the flag in, now I just have to see to all the stuff that calls an apply function. Not very clear what's going on with apply_to_slurpy though...

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