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Have finished watching Firefly. Enjoyed it very much, but I am quite happy to be free of the shackles of mindless albeit high quality entertainment. So, what's on the plate?

Understanding darcs

Arjan had some bug fixes for the diagrams I made, basically a label being on the wrong transition, which makes things just wrong (I was rather uneasy about that, glad he picked up on that too). He'd also prefer a more constructive approach to explaining things. At first, I was rather hesitant, because I thought this would be mean backing away from the focus-on-a-concrete-story and explain-things-as-you-need-them approach, but then he showed me that the story could easily be extended with some concrete, uncontrived examples for the simple stuff. That is, you can at times want to commute patches outside of a merge situation. So I was happier with that.


Met a happy customer of the TracOnDarcs howto on #darcs. That was gratifying. Not the thanks, of course, besides, Lele deserves the lion's share of that, but it's always a big boost to your ego to see that something you made was genuinely useful to somebody, even if that consists only of an instruction manual. That's the biggest compliment you can pay anybody in the free-content/free-software universe: use their stuff.

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