Hobby-hacking Eric


this is getting ridiculous

4h30 on a frickin workday! And twice in a row too, but it's so hard to stop when things finally start working. After all my refactoring of SelectChanges, I think I've fixed the graphical patch selection for obliterate. The basic idea is that the gui and text selection modules should share as much code as conveniently possible. Anyway, now that this scraiest looking bug is fixed, I have resubmitted my wxDarcs stuff. It's still broken in a couple of known ways and probably a million other unknown ones, but it's important for me to get it out the door so that people can start hacking on it, and so that I can move on to other stuff like ssh and Understanding darcs. We all know it's broken. Nobody's going to claim that the GUI is working, but the code should at least be there for people to play with.

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