Hobby-hacking Eric


At last, ssh multiplexing.

Patches sent to the list.

Well, glad I got that done. Hope it actually works as advertised. Unfortunately, this is not using Ganesh's idea, but I guess I'll let somebody more competent take care of that. This easier solution only works for people who have a fancy new ControlMaster-enabled ssh. It is nice not to have to type my password a whole bunch of times.


Whilst waiting for my tests to complete (I use record --no-test, followed by darcs trackdown when I'm almost ready to send), I took the opportunity to freshen my --diff-command patch and the refactoring stuff. Yeah, I know Daan's already sent his --external-diff one, but mine handles something which is perculiar to Macs, that being opendiff. The thing about opendiff aka FileMerge is that it quits immediately, leaving a subprocess on chew on the diff. But if darcs automatically cleans things up after opendiff exits, then FileMerge gets confused. The solution, at least, the one I borrowed from --external-merge, is to make the user press a key to continue. This way, we don't do the temp file cleanup until we really have to. The other thing is that my version of the patch is pickier about keeping things refactored. Oh well. I guess I don't really care either way, since I don't use --external-merge or --external-diff. I just wanted to get rid of my patches. Had been sitting around since January. What had happened was that Daan asked if the feature was there, I volunteered to implement it, sent it off, Juliusz got busy, and I forgot to tell Daan that there was a patch he could play with. So he decided to go implement it himself, and now we have two patches that do the same thing :-)

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