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wxDarcs, absolute paths and conflictors

Wow, I've been really tired lately. Ought to be going to bed earlier or something.


Right, so one little bit of good news to lift my spirits: I managed to fix a couple of layout bugs today. For the OS X Tiger layout issue, all I had to do was pack my splitter window inside its own panel, and everything was ok. As a more general issue, I finally figured out how to force one of my buttons to the very bottom of screen (nitpicky that way) -- I just pack all the other buttons, the ones that go on top into their own column. Gui programming can be a pain that.

I also know why the obliterate gui was behaving funny - it seems to be more or less obliterate the reverse of the patches you tell it to. So if you've go 3 patches, foo bar and baz, and you tell it to obliterate foo, it will end up obliterating baz. It seems like gui_select was never implemeneted to deal with is_reverse, which is probably why David (i assume) didn't allow Unrecord/Unpull/Obliterate to accept --gui in the first place. So my new job if I want to get obliterating right is to figure out how to deal with selecting patches in reverse. It's kinda funny -- all this first middle last stuff is vaguely reminiscent of how Vijay-Shanker and Weir 1993 represent chart items in their parsing algorithm (more related to eric job stuff). Of course, there is probably zero relationship between the two except for this notion of head, middle tail... but who knows?

absolute paths

Anyway, after looking at that stuff, I got discouraged and decided to tackle some of my absolute path actions instead. Applied my patch -- very few conflicts -- and cleaned up some of my own code. Now I need to test it out, and sit down and figure out where it could go wrong. I hope the code is right though, because I would really like to get rid of it as soon as possible, and move on to other stuff like Understanding darcs.


Starting to read the mailing list in chronological order. I had forgotten that I did not in fact download the entire archives. Wonder if there's any way I can convert this thing into something a lot friendlier for mass-reading. Hopefully the combination of this and my FOSDEM notes will allow me to produce a useful introduction.

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