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Constructive patch theory

I have not only been procrastinating on the Understanding darcs rewrite but have been a total flake this week on darcs and life in general.

Think I was having a somewhat bad couple of weeks and have been self-medicating by picking up a short freeciv addiction. I hate freeciv. I don't know what I can't shake it. It is something I do not find enjoyable, but every once in a while, I get this inexplicable craving, and well, you know how it goes. Lost sleep. Bad dietary habits. And all for a stupid game you've played over and over again (each time badly) with no surprises and no change in strategy. Anyway, I'm glad that's done with. Geez, even watching Firefly was better than playing freeciv.

Right... darcs. I've finally started the rewrite that I had been promising Arjan. Rewriting is really good for you. Forces you to look at crufty old bits of text and say to yourself, "waitasecond, that doesn't make one bit of sense!''. There's still a couple of holes in the introductory stuff. Need to write the complex undo bit, and reexplain what a context is, because I think the way I have it now is probably flat out wrong.

Holy shit. Did it just become 3h? But... is today leap forward day? It is indeed! Gah! And all this time I was being impressed by myself for being tired before 2h and wanting to call it an early night. Foiled!

Oh, and uh, Juliusz accepted the ssh patches today, along with the diff command stuff. Glad that's off my plate and I can move on to other stuff, like the wikibook.

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