Hobby-hacking Eric


early to bed

Alright. I left work early today because I was feeling really tired... gee wonder why.

Have a friend who is currently learning Haskell. He asked me a question which ultimately had to do with Haskell and its use of layout, so after answering his question, I went ahead of wrote up what I knew in a new wikibooks module on Haskell indentation. What's funny is that I've been haskelling for two years now, and I still don't really know what the layout rules are. So I don't have all the elements I need to complete this page, but it's good way to learn. Would be useful to know for sure what I can and cannot do, instead of just using intuition.

Other than that, I also wrote up the results of today's discussion with Arjan. Think tomorrow I'll work on coding stuff instead. Need to let the conflictors stuff digest for a while.

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