Hobby-hacking Eric



Got patches in to fix issue154. Zachary Landau pointed out that I had some arguments in a non-conventional order, so I unrecorded and flipped the arguments around. Good thing too. In the process, I spotted a bunch of cases where I was setting the flag to indicate that I was in the working directory, when that clearly was not the case. Being forced to go through this a second time was quite useful for spotting the errors.

Spent today working on help. Wasted a bunch of time trying to refactor some of the command line parsing stuff to use my disambiguate_commands function, but I just kept breaking darcs. Ended up deciding it wasn't worth it. Not really saving that much code, anyway.

Implemented issue91. Easy enough... maybe should have left it to newer developers, reel them in with breadcrumbs exactly the way I got sucked in. I did try to refactor PatchMatch.lhs in the process. It's one of those bad refactors, the kind that makes nice airy looking code and makes it compact and unfriendly. Good refactors, on the other hand, take a bunch of useless verbiage and make it concise. Short and sweet. Hmm... can't really convey this in a non-arbiratry-sounding way.

Whoah! It's past my new good eric bedtime. Need to learn to renounce, leave things for another day. Good night.

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