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wxDarcs widget progress

More gui code coming together. It's really weird. I actually very much dislike working on graphical interfaces (maybe), but I spend so much time working on them and writing about them that you'd think i did it for fun or something. Maybe just a desire for things to be correct, but this kind of stuff is so outside of my zone of competence.

Anyway, so here's what I have so far. When you first launch wxDarcs, you get two buttons:

When you click on "Open repository", you get a standard directory selection dialogue:

If you select a folder, it opens up the repository viewer, which has two tabs, an unrecorded patches tab, and a recorded patches tab. Here are the unrecorded patches (what's new) :

And the recorded patches (Patches) -- this is implemnted wrong, but I don't care; my job here is to get the prototype running, remember?

That's all. Remember that the buttons don't actually do anything.

Also, the 'pull' command does not enter this model... maybe you select pull from a menubar or a toolbar, and it adds a new tab. Maybe it opens a new window, or something.

Now, I had some worries last night about keeping the patch display up to date. To keep things simple and prevent things from going horribly wrong, I make the following two recommendations:
  1. all commands should cause the repository gui to reload complete, thus displaying the new set of what's new and recorded patches
  2. only one repository may be open at a time

This will be pitifully unsophisticated, very far from what I first proposed in my mail. I'm really hoping that this getting the ball rolling will lead us to a nice powerful GUI for darcs, one day.

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