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Merged a good chunk of code together tonight, and combined two of the user interfaces. This is what wxDarcs looks like now. When you first open it, you get a single tab with a bunch of disabled buttons:

Hopefully, it should obvious enough that you need to open a repository. When you do, the interface gets a little fancier:

The two tabs, "Whatsnew" and "Patches" are the same as yesterday.

All of the buttons now do something, though not something very useful. They display the following dialogue box:

I'm hoping that some of these commands won't be too difficult to implement. It should consist mostly of de-anonymising the business end of the darcs commands. For example, the Record command calls with_selected_changes_to_files with a bunch of arguments and a huge lambda term starting with \ (skipped,chs) ->. The idea is that the anonymous function is supposed to be run on the whatever patches the user selects via the SelectChanges.lhs code. It seems like we could assign a name to this lambda term, say, something like "record_job" and invoke that from the standalone GUI.

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