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Just noticed something I like about the present gui code: it's actually pretty well factored. For some reason, I was walking around thinking there was some kind of redundancy between SelectChanges.lhs and Record.lhs when in fact the Record.lhs gui code just calls a function in SelectChanges. Great! So the only real redundancy is with Whatsnew, which has a slightly different task. So now the two big problems I have are
  1. how to have a nicer patch view for SelectChanges - i'm trying to think of ways i can do this without the luxury of resizable widgets
  2. the standalone gui front end

One insight on the dynamically sized widgets thing - one thing I could do upon resizing one of the child widgets, maybe is to reset the layout of the parent window. Kind of a ugly hack, but this would allow the parent window to take the new widget sizes into account.

Not much otherwise. Made a small change to SelectChanges.lhs to reformat tabs as spaces, same old issue with any character after a tab being completely dropped.

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