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Record.lhs (gui)

Spent the evening stripping down my GUI code trying to get things down to the non-invasive ideal mentioned in yesterday's post. The good news is that all the original gui code now compiles and that I've managed to get my Whatsnew tree view of patches integrated into the original Whatsnew.lhs. Bad news is that I still have no idea what the SelectChanges.lhs stuff is supposed to do and even worse, I had to comment out a big chunk of code in Record.lhs because the function it calls has evolved since the last time somebody touched the GUI code. Here's the relevant bit of the code I commented out:

do_actual_record opts (s1,s2)
n date my_a my_log []
(map tp_patch $ get_first_choice rpc)
(map tp_patch $ get_middle_choice rpc++
get_last_choice rpc)

The new version of do_actual_record does not use the (s1,s2) slurpies. I wonder what I'm supposed to replace them with, then? I don't suppose anybody's reading this and feel qualified to comment?

Oh and besides from the that, the darcs record gui seems to be pretty nice. You use checkboxes to select the patches you want. Maybe a few extra buttons like 'select all' or maybe ability the select all the patches for a while, but overall the layout seems useful.

In other news, Zooko found a possible bug in the date parsing code. I don't think it's a bug, but one of these strange creatures that looks like a bug, but is in fact an unpleasant truth revealed by a bugfix. It's one of those cases where instead of pretending to work, the software gives an error message and as a result the user thinks a bug was introduced in the new version, when in fact the new version had simply stopped lieing to the user.

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