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Droundy believes that we should still consider the issue from yesterday as a regression, so I sent in a couple of small patches. Sort of a bad habit of mine, the whole forest from the trees thing. Sometimes i obsess with being precise about things when there's a fundamental issue at hand such as "uh, my stuff doesn't work anymore". Anyway, that was an easy fix.

Also, regarding that Record.lhs business: darcs diff --last=2000 shows that at some point in time, those slurpies were being ignored by the gui code, so I too will do the same. There seems to be some layout bug where the buttons (Record and Quit) are hidden by the other widgets. I'll need to look into that later, but for now, the goal was just to make the code compile.

Was pleased to discover that it is not the entirety of wxhaskell's macosx-app script which is neccesary. A simple /Developer/Rez does the trick. That's good news. Means we can install darcs in /usr/local/bin, run /Developer/Rez on it and it will give us a functioning GUI. So I updated the Makefile accordingly. So this brings us three patches closer to a functioning gui, all sent to darcs-unstable:
  1. freshen the code so it compiles
  2. reimplementation of Whatsnew widget
  3. MacOS X stuff for the makefile.

Guess the next thing to look at is writing the code for a standalone gui that builds off this preexisting code and tries very hard to co-exist with it.

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