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Had some trouble in the beginning with the standalone gui - it seemed to be calculating every single patch in the repository or something, not just the unrecorded changes. Don't really understand how everything works underneath, but using withRepoLock fixed the issue.

Here is a view of the standalone gui so far:

Doesn't look like much different, but notice the buttons on the bottom. The idea here is that the standalone gui is something you launch without a repository in mind. Either you choose a repository, or it selects the previous one you loaded (we can talk about this some more). It presents you with a list of unrecorded modifications, as well as a list of patches in the repo. These will likely be in two seperate tabs, each with its own set of buttons. Only the first tab is implemented, and even that is not complete. For instance, the buttons are not yet active.

I think i'm starting to get bored with this project and might think about looking for a new hobby. I dunno. All this gui coding stuff is tedious, makes it feel more like work than play. We'll see. Maybe some random burst of inspiration will strike. But I'll at least aim to get a minimal version of this standalone gui running, and send it as a patch. Maybe once it's out the door, the joyfulness of hobby hacking will come back on its own. Or maybe going to FOSDEM will help.

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