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rewriting PLEAC Haskell?

One complaint I have heard about the Haskell cookbook is that it is rather unidiomatic and thus not very helpful for people trying to learn Haskell. For example, one particularly shocking thing the implementation does is to shadow (.) operator to make more "object-like": o . f = f o (reverse dollar? euro?). This leads to snippets of code which, as one of the wikibook commentors put it, are barely recognisable as Haskell:
s''' = s1.split " ".reverse.join " "

PLEAC Haskell in its present form is not very suitable for educational purposes, but what if the Haskell community ran through and cleaned it up? Only the first two chapters are implemented anyway, so it doesn't seem to be all that much; the only substantial thing to rewrite perhaps being in soundex code. I personally cannot invest any time in this, being already behind in other projects like darcs and wxhaskell, but it might be a fun project for Haskell enthusiasts, or even yellow-belt Haskellers trying to come to grips with the language.

If interested, you should probably subscribe to their mailing list and maybe bounce around some ideas on the Haskell café. Another thing to consider is contacting the original author Yoann. It would be good to get him on board, maybe with a little gentle persuasion. I mean, he probably thought it was a good idea to make the language more recognisable to newcomers. Nice thought... but maybe he would now agree that newbies would be better off with more idiomatic Haskell.

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