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wxhaskell unicode testing

One of my reponsabilities is to make sure that the wxhaskell Unicode stuff is working. I'm still not too sure what the best way to go about this is. I suppose that any such test would require a majour eyeball component, although it would probably be prudent to add a bit of automation and randomness to things. Here's my first attempt anyway:

I have a small UTF-8 text file with text in a bunch of different scripts. Combined some code from one of the haskell mailing lists to read a file into [Word8] with some an UTF8 encoder/decoder from darcs (this particular code claims to be from the Haskell i18n working group and is BSD licensed). I read the file, break it down into lines and display a copy of each widget for each line in the file. I've only got checkboxes, haven't figured out how I want to go through all the widgets yet.


Dmitry said...

do you know what the phrase is?

"I can eat glass and it won't hurt me"


kowey said...

Yep, I stole it from this UTF-8 sampler page. There should be snippets of other text in there, though.