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the Haskell metatutorial

Thanks to ndm for so clearly articulating the idea. Here is my attempt at implementing the Haskell metatutorial. Please add your stuff or even just expand the guide tree. Embrace the explosion of tutorials. Make something useful of it.

15:05:09 < AStorm> YAHT leaps a bit too far for me. I'd like something complete but less steep.
15:05:47 < metaperl> YAHT is probably as good as it gets INHO
15:05:49 < metaperl> IMHO
15:06:01 < uccus> there should be a grant unification project for Haskell tutorials
15:06:02 < metaperl> the "algorithms" book is not bad either
15:06:26 < kowey> uccus: the wikibook attempts to remix heavily
15:06:28 < uccus> *grand [blushes]
15:07:01 < kowey> we've got yaht, write yourself a scheme, jeff newbern's stuff, some original content, all mashed up and duct-taped together
15:07:03 < ndm> what i would like is a meta-tutorial
15:07:14 < ndm> a list of questions about haskell, what does this do, do you understand this etc
15:07:26 < ndm> and if you say no, it points you at a tutorial which explains it
15:07:28 < uccus> well, mashed up and duct-taped is not good
15:07:41 < ndm> is there a tutorial on pattern matching, for instance?
15:07:44 < uccus> aah. yes. I agree with ndm
15:07:47 < kowey> we could use some heavy editing
15:07:48 < ndm> which covers ~, !, @ etc
15:08:12 < kowey> right, me too... it's like the malcolm gladwell stuff
15:08:17 < uccus> the wikibook can do that
15:08:31 < kowey> many "right" flavours of coffee, pepsi; extra-chunky tomato sauce, etc
15:08:40 < uccus> it's divided into sections... they can contain links to complete tutorials
15:08:59 < uccus> everyone has a different style of tutoring you know...
15:09:05 < kowey> i agree
15:09:16 < kowey> the wikibook right now is newbie-oriented
15:09:28 < kowey> but we could steer it towards choose-your-own-adventureness
15:09:43 < uccus> kowey: the wikibook right now has different steams for newbie/advanced(?)
15:09:45 < kowey> comments on the discussion page on how we could implement this would be quite welcome
15:09:55 < kowey> we have two tracks, newbie and advanced
15:10:16 < kowey> although the advanced track assumes you've basically just gotten through the newbie track... it tries to be a friendly "advanced"
15:10:19 < uccus> yes, but shouldn't there be more?
15:10:39 < uccus> tracks?
15:10:41 < kowey> well, it's got two tracks in terms of material, one track in terms of style
15:11:04 < kowey> what ndm is talking about is having multiple tracks in terms of style (well... style, level)
15:11:10 < uccus> I mean, the grand Haskell wikibook should contain things that are really advanced
15:11:25 < uccus> like tutes for gtk2hs...
15:11:37 < ndm> kowey: i more meant accepting there will be loads of tutorials, but trying to point people at those which will teach them something new
15:11:42 < uccus> *that* should be called advanced
15:11:44 < kowey> i tend to suspect that's more the Haskell wiki's job
15:12:13 < kowey> although there is http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Haskell/GUI
15:13:07 < uccus> aaah. thanks kowey. that's enough I think.
15:13:33 < kowey> ndm: i think we're saying the same thing, although i'm speaking horribly imprecisely

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David said...

Great idea. Great implementation, too.