Hobby-hacking Eric


cutting back

I've just sent my issue91 and resubmitted the issue154 patch... wow this goes a lot slower when you're only working in 45 minute increments. I'm going to be radically scaling back on my darcs activity until at least 19 April. Got some paper submission deadlines till then, and I'm basically going into thesis-overdrive. I'm only a 2nd year student, no writing up to do, but I'm going to need to bust ass if I want to emerge from this whole process with my fancy degree and to actually deserve it.

Still have some remaining darcs commitments: the wikibook still has huge gaping holes and I promised David+Juliusz that I'd implement the minimal_context stuff. Not that it would be hard for them to do it, the whole point was that it was easy and (1) they could farm it out (2) this would be a good way for a yellow belt like me to get to know some of the real meat behind darcs. So I still aim to get those done, but other than that, I'm hoping to get focused from here on out.

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