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wxhaskell on darcs.haskell.org

Well, it's official. The wxHaskell revival is now underway. No promises on when the next release is coming out, but getting a binary release out the door is the first thing we're aiming for.

We'll now be using a darcs repository as our main development:
darcs get http://darcs.haskell.org/wxhaskell

We retain sourceforge for all our other interactions (bug tracking, file distribution, etc). We're adopting a darcs-project model of development -- gee, I wonder why -- in that mostly everything is darcs sent to the mailing list for community review and one person (that would be me) gets the job of pushing the patches in. My policy is that if one of the core wxhaskell team says it goes in, it goes in.

My personal objectives are to get the build system working better and wring out the Unicode stuff. Shelarchy has a patch which makes it compile with ghc 6.6, but does automatic install of wxcore... I'd prefer to have it so that you have a little more control over the process: make; make install; make wx; make wx-install). Hopefully, separating the wxcore and wx build stuff will make Cabalisation easier. If we don't know how to cabalise wxcore, at least we should be able to cabalise wx. As for the Unicode stuff... well, I haven't thought too hard about it yet. Will likely involve some way of testing things out thoroughly. Any thoughts on the matter?


David said...

That url is no longer valid :)

kowey said...

Wow! I'd forgotten I wrote that.

Indeed, to fetch wxHaskell,

darcs get --lazy http://code.haskell.org/wxhaskell