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pandoc gets mediawiki support

Pandoc is a universal document converter. You feed it documents in one format (say, HTML) and it spits them out in another one (say, ODF). Assuming it works correctly, Pandoc has the potential to replace all those little one-to-one convertors (e.g. latex2html) in my toolbox. Just the one simple Pandoc.

And now, thanks to fiddlosopher (John MacFarlane?), it knows how to write Mediawiki files! Mediawiki? That's the syntax/software that powers Wikipedia, Wikibooks, and a whole slew of organisational or community wikis (like HaskellWiki).

Hey, Haskellers probably have a lot of LaTeX documents lying around. Maybe this is their chance to get them on Haskell wiki?

We're halfway to being able to do a roundtrip between LaTeX and Mediawiki! All we need is for somebody [maybe John :-D] to implement a Mediawiki reader for Pandoc and things could get mighty interesting... Oh and yes, and if anybody is working on a wiki with direct LaTeX support, hats off to you! Sometimes Mediawiki is a fact of life, though.

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