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mediawiki code projects

Three more projects to practice your Haskell with, and produce something useful while you're at it:
  1. a mediawiki writer for Pandoc (should be a piece of cake)
  2. a mediawiki reader for Pandoc (perhaps less easy, note that there is also some HTML to deal with)
  3. a mediawiki template engine : given a set of mediawiki pages on the local filesystem, convert mediawiki input into mediawiki output, with all templates interpreted
My super-seekret reason for suggesting these projects is so that we can one day convert the Haskell wikibook to LaTeX, or something else, and produce a nice PDF. Naturally, it would also be useful for the other wikibooks, many of which have crappy PDFs, or none at all. But that's not for you to worry about :-)... just have some nice exercises to play with.

(#3 might be a bit of work... and also, it's not clear that this is exactly what we want for converting wikibooks. It seems that the point would not be to expand the templates, but to convert them to something else. If I have a template called HaskellExercises, I don't want to expand it to a bunch of div tags or whatever; I want to convert it to something else)

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