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operation Roundy Tears

I have a very serious issue that I'd like to raise with the darcs and Haskell communities: you're not being evil enough.

Darcs2 is getting closer and closer to completion (I am not saying this in any official capacity), but you've all been pretty complacent about making it hurt. Sure, some of you have done performance testing, for which thanks, and yes, some of you have thrown in a couple of conflict related tests. But the closest we have ever come is a
darcs: src/Darcs/Patch/Real.lhs:422:21-50: Irrefutable pattern failed for
pattern Data.Maybe.Just a2'

And that was fixed within a week.

This isn't good enough. Be more evil! Submit tests to our bugs/ directory. Think of devious conflicting ways to make darcs fall down.

Make... David... cry...


[note: the best way to participate in Operation Roundy Tears is to use the --darcs-2 format; you can get a darcs2 repository from a darcs1 repository by using darcs convert]

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