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Darcs needs a benchmarking tool. After 'stopwatcH', this is the first name I came up with, horrible as it is. I was thinking that surely, this is a general problem, so we should throw something up on hackage. The basic wish is to be able to run a program N times (comparing it with a different version of the same program).

Can you help? If you've got code to share, put it up! If not, and you want to contribute to project, comment on this blog. If nobody gets moving [and gives me a better name] I guess I'll create a 'checkquick' project, probably using code.google.com and code.haskell.org. If nobody submits anything and I really do have to start this project (note: I do not want to), I am hoping for a liberal commit model, where we pretty much hand out push rights to anybody who wants them.

I've already a little description written up, just in case:
Checkquick is a tool for comparing the performance between two versions of the same program, on a series of benchmarks that you design.

Checkquick aims to be easy to use, almost as easy as running 'time your-program arg1..arg2'. Ideally, it should be easy for outsiders to write timing tests for your programming project and contribute them as part of your performance testing suite.

It is written in Haskell and named after the illustrious, though wholly unrelated, quickcheck.


Anonymous said...

I've been wanting a project to contribute too, and this sounds like something I could actually manage a decent start on -- so I'll give it a go and keep you up to date!

kowey said...

Great! I've asked for the project checkquick to be created on code.haskell.org.

Could I add you to http://code.google.com/p/checkquick/ ?


kowey said...

By the way, there is zero code up there at the moment, so it's really open season for you :-)

Anonymous said...

I've whipped up a basic first version already. After I put some finishing touches on it all I'll need to know is what features are needed next.

Sure, add me to the google project, I'll upload a first version soon-ish.

Anonymous said...

BTW: my gmail username is possibilitybox, since it appears you need that in order to add me.