Hobby-hacking Eric


Haskell wikibook blurb

The wikibooks project has a 'featured book' concept, in which the best books of the project are prominently displayed on the front page. The Haskell wikibook has been nominated to be listed as one of these featured books. Votes are positive so far, but nothing official yet. In the meantime, all wikibook authors are being encouraged to put together an advertising blurb for the front page.

Here is my attempt. Can you make it better? Please feel free to post ideas on this blog, or on the wikibook talk page.

Haskell is a functional programming language with a state of the art type system. This book will introduce you to computer programming with our language of choice. It is friendly enough for new programmers, but deep enough to challenge the most experienced. Come stretch your mind with us!

(I'm not over-selling am I? I'm always worried about that)

Oh and the minimalist logo is just something I threw together (public domain, of course). Not married to it, just looking for something better than the current one.


Neil Mitchell said...

That logo looks way better than the current 1995 inspired garish mess, can we replace the haskell.org one?

kowey said...

Wow, that would be neat, having that become 'official' (at least I'd be able to say I had something to contribute!).

I suppose if we want to do this, somebody good with a vectorial graphics editor should come in and make a jaggies-free version. Anyway, I've uploaded it to Haskellwiki as well, in case anybody wants it for anything.

Anonymous said...

That logo is great. :)

I think the type system may not be the best thing to focus on to attract new users. All languages have a type system but very few are lazy.