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congrats to hg!

I certainly do not speak for the darcs project as whole, but as a contributor and an enthusiastic fan. In any case, congratulations to the Mercurial team for adoption by Mozilla! I'm very happy to see Mercurial being adopted by both mutt and Mozilla, two projects that I also use. For me, it means that we're slowly starting to move on from centralised version control. There may be some pain involved, bugs to shake out and what not, but overall it's for the greater good. (That being said, I'm also pleased to see people upgrading from CVS to SVN, just climbing the ladder in general).

As for darcs, well, I hope that Jason's work will lead to the resolution of bug numero 1. No pressure, or anything. Just a little bit of progress, some useful new insights into the problem would be nice already.

Now if only I could work out all those Cabalisation issues...

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