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On a random burst of inspiration, I have finally gotten around to updating the images used in Understanding Darcs. They include some ideas from #darcs, namely Heffalump's suggestion that I colour the _darcs stuff differently than the working dir. Also, I have uploaded the Omnigraffle sources for these diagrams so that you can look at it and go "Ugh! XML!", or open it on your Mac.

Yeah, yeah, I know I should be using something Free-er like Inkscape... but Omnigraffle, man... it's so fantastically easy to use! Aack, no! There I go, I'm promoting non-free software... Nooooo (well then again, I'm still addicted to the comfort of my Mac, though Ubuntu's looking better and better these days, so I'm pretty much screwed for ideology in either case)

See, this is the kind of stuff I should be working in my free time when I'm looking for something easy. Much more constructive, and even massages the creative juices a tiny bit, much better than, say, going on a 16 hour Freeciv binge... which isn't something I would... actually... do... of course.

Updated again - 23:20

Another update, 8 hours later. This time, went for a model which makes it possible to represent everything in one picture (instead of having a before/after comparison).

That speeds up my diagram-development time considerably. It's already pretty smooth sailing, thanks to layers, but having half as many layers as before is always welcome.

Also added diagrams for revert, unrecord, obliterate.

Anyway, I'd better not get too eager about this book. I do have real work to do, after all. Also, a few diagrams by themselves probably isn't going to make things that much easier for the user. We'll need actual examples, and probably a patient walkthrough, something which I probably do not have the energy to do.

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