Hobby-hacking Eric


patch, match, matches

I sometimes wonder if we should simplify the patch matching interface, or at least document fewer commands. At the very least, it seems we could just nix --patch altogether and replace it by --match='name Foo'.

Also, maybe we should just get rid of the distinction between singular and plural forms. --match should just match everything, and the --last should be used to select among these matches. In fact, I think that's how it already behaves, and that the doc is just a little bit out of date.

Finally, I would even be tempted to get rid of --tag (and likewise --from-tag, --to-tag), and just implement something like --match='tag '.

I suppose we could keep around the old flags for users who are accustomed to them (although I doubt people would really miss them...) and just simplify the documentation.

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