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darcs weekly news #9

News and discussions

  1. Enfranchising darcs! An update on the build systems question
  2. Darcs hacking sprint in 2 days!
  3. What does it mean to commute? Darcs hackers like to talk about 'commuting' patches all the time. But what does that mean? Jason explains and provides a tiny bit of code for us to play with
  4. darcsweb 1.1-rc1 Alberto Bertogli reports a release candidate for darcsweb 1.1, with support for darcs 2 repositories, and syntax highlight support if the pygments module is available
  5. First impressions of darcs. A Pythonista named Benjamin tries darcs out for the first time. Here are his likes and dislikes.
  6. Choosing a revision control system. Daniel Carrera compares darcs with Monotone, Mercurial and Bazaar. Daniel finds our "brilliant patch management" to be unique, but what can we learn from the others?


  • Jason Dagit

New contributors

  • Christian Kellermann
  • Salvatore Insalaco
  • J. Garrett Morris

Issues resolved in the last week (1)

issue784 Salvatore Insalaco

Patches applied in the last week (66)

See text entry for details.

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