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So we have in Haskell quite a few consumer applications
  1. revision control system
  2. text editor
  3. window manager
When's the mail client coming? I'm asking this in the random speculative sense, not in the "gimme a Haskell mail client now" sense. What would a Haskell mail client look like? I'm guessing that plugins will play a nice role, extensibility and all. Being able to handle really large mailboxes (a big "archive" folder) would be nice. Perhaps Sup would be good inspiration. Come to think of it, maybe the client should be implemented in Cat, just for the name...

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Creighton Hogg said...

Well, I have thought about features I'd like to see in an e-mail client, the main one being a more complicated web structure showing the development and relationship between conversations. I could see laziness making something like that more feasible.