Hobby-hacking Eric


nous sommes huit (#haskell.fr)

Le nombre d'utilisateurs sur #haskell.fr (irc.freenode.net) a encore doublé. On est 8, maintenant, 8 êtres humains. Je vais noter chaque passage à 2X jusqu'à 32. J'imagine que à partir de cette taille, le channel n'aura plus besoin d'encouragement.

Ick. Eric-French is scary. There's now 8 of us in #haskell.fr (or rather, 8 max) and that's bona fide human beings too. I'm going to note each of these doublings until there's 32 of us. At that point, I figure that we're not going to need anybody blowing on the fire.

Francophone Haskeller? Come on in! And stick around; just put it in your automated login. If #haskell is too busy for you, consider maybe #haskell.fr as a quieter alternative. We want newbies, experts and curious hangers-on alike. It would be especially good if experienced Haskellers hung around, because newbies really should not be taking advice from yellow-belt Eric. Oh, and unless they kick me out, non-native speakers bienvenues.


alpheccar said...

Wow ! I did not know this channel existed ! Suddenly, I feel less alone. I'll come when I have some time.

kowey said...

Yay! You're one of the French speakers I wanted to invite (but was too shy to ask). There is also a haskell-fr mailing list, if you're interested.