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yaht sources!

Many thanks to Hal Daume III for the tex sources to Yet Another Haskell Tutorial. As soon as I have time to work on the import, the Haskell wikibook will include the entirety of YAHT. We'll do this in two phases, I think. First I'll create a subpage of the wikibook containing the original YAHT. People can continue to use and modify that version indefinitely, because hey, it's pretty damn good. The second phase will consist of us wikibookians mashing up our stuff with YAHT stuff. Lot's of borrowing, moving, deleting and debating. It might come out great, best of both worlds, or it might just end up being horribly clumsy, but it'll be a worthwhile experiment!

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Paul Johnson said...


I don't have your email address, so I'll do it this way. The latest call for the Haskell Communities and Activities Report is out. I've done them up to now, but since I've essentially dropped out of this project (hey, maybe I'll be back) it seems unfair for me to do the report. You seem to have taken the lead, so I reckon it should be you.

My email address is paul at cogito dot org dot uk.