Hobby-hacking Eric



It's official. Today I begin my role as darcs unstable maintainer, thus switching from hobby-hacking to hobby-patch-and-bug-tracker-watching. We've have been planning this for some time now, as Juliusz has some hefty time constraints to deal with.

I'm somewhat worried about this, and would rather somebody more competent did the job, because I don't exactly have the same foresight or discipline in thinking about the consequences of patches. I'm really more an incremental improvements, add a small feature kind of guy. Oh well. No better way to learn, I suppose. Plus I get to feel all important and stuff ;-) But maybe now we should have a motto for the unstable branch, something like, "darcs unstable... and we mean it!"

Now need to become more organised so that I can stay responsive, while keeping this, the wikibook and the wxhaskell stuff a fun hobby, something to take my mind off but not get in the way of the thesis.

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