Hobby-hacking Eric


unexpected burst of darcs hacking

Worked on two things tonight:

Tommy doesn't mind the silly code in the date parser, finds it rather cute and thinks we should really just be trapping the error and printing out an amusing error message. I'll go with it, but before doing that, I wanted to look deeper into what was making this break. Roughly, it's some kind of MAXINT overflow, but the question I had for myself was why it was overflowing in two different places on his machine vs. mine. Turns out that the library System.Time is buggy! Try this at home, normalizeTimeDiff $ noTimeDiff { tdYear = 1 } and you'll get some weird stuff. Igloo will submit a bug report and a patch to the Haskell folks. Yay!

Riadstradh asked me if I had gotten around to making a dmg for Tiger (like i said i would). Tickled to see either (a) people being nice and testing things out or (b) showing an interest in wxDarcs. The first binary I made didn't work. Turns out you also have to make sure to idtool change the libs required by the libs that you copy. So now my script for copying frameworks around loops around and tries to get all bases covered. Hope it works this time.

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